Wide Varieties of Delicious Food
We offer a wide variety of delicious dishes such as Oyster Pancakes, Fried Kampung Chicken, Steamed Fish in ‘Nyonya Style’, ‘Kerabu’ Dry Cuttlefish with Mango, Baked Crabs with Salted Eggs, Butter Prawns, Curry Fish Head, and many more appetizing dishes.

Round Garupa (Kerapu Minyak) – RM 10.00/100gm
Tiger Garupa – RM 12.00/100gm
Patin / Baung Fish
– RM 11.00/100gm
Sea Bass – RM 6.00/100gm
Deep Sea Sea Bass –
RM 8.00/100gm
Red Snapper – RM 8.00/100gm
Red Garupa – RM 18.00/100gm
Pomfret – RM 19.00/100gm
Silver Cod – RM 19.00/100gm

Cooking Style:
Steamed Fish In ‘Nyonya’ Style
Steamed Fish In Four Seasons Style
Steamed Fish In ‘Teow Chew’ Style
Steamed Fish In ‘Phet-Sat’ Style
Steamed Fish In ‘Ken Som’ Style
Steamed Fish Head With Curry
Steamed Fish With Assam Paste
Steamed Fish With Lime
Steamed Fish With Soya Sauce
Steamed Fish With ‘Tom Yam’

Deep Fried Fish With ‘Banana Leaf’
Deep Fried Fish in ‘Phat-Phet’ Style
Deep Fried Fish With Spicy Sauce
(3 Rasa)
Deep Fried Fish With Mango
Deep Fried Fish With Soya Sauce
Deep Fried Fish With Lime
Deep Fried Sweet & Sour Fish

Small (1-3) – RM20.00
Medium (4-7) – RM 40.00
Large (8-12) – RM 60.00

Cooking Style:
Butter Prawns
Nestum Prawns
Marmite Prawns
Spicy Honey Prawns
Banana Leaf Prawns
Sizzling Prawns

Stir Fried Prawns Spicy Sauce
Stir Fried Prawns With Garlic
Stir Fried Prawns With Assam Paste
Stir Fried Prawns With ‘Sambal’
Clay Pot Prawns ‘Indonesia’ Style
Baked Prawns With Salted Egg Yolks
Baked Prawns With Fresh Milk
Steamed Prawns With Garlic


Small (1-3) – RM 16.00
Medium (4-7) – RM 24.00
Large (8-12) – RM 36.00

Cooking Style:
Butter Squids
Squids Fritters
Salt & Pepper Squids
‘Kerabu’ Squids Siam Style
Dry Cuttlefish Slice With Mango Salad
Steamed Squids With Lime / Garlic
Steamed Squids In ‘Ken-Som’ Style
Stir Fried Squids With ‘Sambal’


Four Seasons Combinations - RM 50.00(S) – RM 70.00(L)
Braised Sea Cucumber with Fish Maw Broccoli - RM 80.00(S) – RM 120.00(L)
Braised Whole Abalone With Superior Stock - RM 300.00/can (2 head)
Braised Shark’s Fin with Crab Meat - RM 70.00(S) – RM 120.00(L)
Stir Fried Shark’s Fin With Crab Meat & Eggs - RM 70.00 (S) – RM 100.00(L)
Braised Superior Shark’s Fin Soup - RM80.00/bowl
Roasted Duck / Peking Duck / Crispy Duck / Yam Duck – RM 65.00/duck
Steamed Fish Ball/ Fish Ball Soup “Homemade” – RM 12.00(S) – RM 24.00(M) – RM 36.00(L)
Deep Fried “Kampung” Chicken – RM5.00/pc
Mini Bun (man tou) – RM 1.50/pc


RM 9.00 / 100gm
Baked Crabs With Salted Egg Yolks
Baked Crabs With Black Pepper Sauce
Baked Crabs With Salt & Pepper
Chili Crabs
Baked Crabs In ‘Kam Heong’ Style
Baked Crabs In ‘Sweet & Sour’ Style
Fried Crabs With Bee Hoon


CHICKEN (Whole Piece)
Small (1-3) – RM 16.00
Medium (4-7) – RM 26.00
Large (8-12) – RM 38.00

Cooking Style
Deep Fried Chicken With Mango
Deep Fried Chicken With Lemon
Sauce Deep Fried

Small (1-3) RM16.00
Medium (4-7) RM24.00
Large (8-12) RM36.00

Cooking Style
Stir Fried Chicken With Dry Chili &
Caschew Nut
Stir Fried Chicken With Ginger & Onion
Stir Fried Chicken With Black Pepper Sauce
Clay Pot Chicken With Salted Fish
Sweet Sour Chicken
Marmite Chicken
Sizzling Chicken
Deep Fried Chicken With “Kunyit”


- RM16.00(S) – RM 24.00(M) – RM 36.00(L)
- RM 18.00(S) – RM 30.00(M) – RM 44.00(L)
- RM 18.00(S) – RM 30.00(M) - RM 44.00(L)

Stir Fried With Black Pepper Sauce
Stir Fried With Ginger & Onion
Stir Fried With Mongolian Sauce
Stir Fried With Pineapple


Small (1-3) – RM 12.00
Medium (4-7) – RM 18.00
Large (8-12) – RM 25.00

* + RM4.00

Braised Mixed Vegetable *
Braised ‘Loh Han’ Vegetable
Four Treasures Vegetable
Stir Fried Morning Glory / Kangkong Belacan
Stir Fried Brinjal With Dried Shrimps / Sambal
Stir Fried Asparagus / Broccoli *
Stir Fried Vegetable > Romain Lettuce
Stir Fried Vegetable Deluxe
Stir Fried Hong Kong ‘Choy Sum’ *
Stir Fried Hong Kong ‘Kai Lan’ *
Braised Spinach With Anchovies & Century Egg
Stir Fried Bittergourd With Salted Egg Yolks

Small (1-3) – RM 12.00
Medium (4-7) – RM 18.00
Large (8-12) – RM 25.00

Oyster Pancake (Crispy)
Oyster Omelette
Bitter Gourd Omelette
“Foo Yong’ Eggs
'3 Kingdom’ Smoothy Eggs
Onion Omelette – RM10.00(S) – RM15.00(M) – RM20.00(L)

Small (1-3) – RM 13.00
Medium (4-7) – Rm 20.00
Large (8-12) – RM 26.00

Sizzling Beancurd With Salted Fish
Clay Pot Beancurd
Mini Wok Beancurd
‘Mapo’ Beancurd
‘Sun Kong’ Beancurd
Braised Beancurd With Fish Maw
Steamed Beancurd With Soy Sauce & Onion
Steamed Beancurd With Dried Shrimp & Minced Chicken


Small (1-3) – RM 15.00
Medium (4-7) – RM 22.00
Large (8-12) – RM 30.00

Tom Yam Soup (Red/White)
Egg Soup With Seaweed
Mixed Vegetable Soup
Salted Vegetable & Beancurd Soup
Spinach Soup
Bittergourd Soup With Egg


Honey Dew
Ice Lemon Tea - RM 6.00
Mango – RM 7.00
Longan – RM 7.00
Lychee – RM 7.00
FLOATS – RM 8.00 Vanilla (Coke/Sprite/Strawberry)

White Coffee – RM 6.00
Teh Tarik Madu – RM 6.00
Teh Tarik – RM 5.00
Tea – RM 5.00
Coffee – RM 5.00
Coke – RM 5.00
Sprite – RM 5.00
F&N Strawberry – RM 5.00
Mineral Water (1.5L) – RM 4.50
Mineral Water (0.5L) – RM 3.00
Chinese Tea (per pax) – RM 1.50


Single Scoop – RM 3.00
Double Scoop – RM 4.50
Banana Split – RM 7.50

Fruit Platters - RM 6.00 (M) – RM 10.00(L)
Fresh Mango - RM 7.00/pc
Chinese Pancake - RM 10.00/pc
Sweet Yam Paste - RM 20.00(M) – RM 40.00(L)
Logan + Sea Coconut - RM 22.00(M) – RM 33.00(L)
Honey Dew + Sago - RM 24.00(M) – RM 38.00(L)
Peanut Soup - RM 20.00(M) – RM 30.00(L)
Special Water Chestnut Dessert - RM 22.00(M) – RM 33.00(L)
Longan Taufu - RM 22.00(M) – RM 33.00(L)